Do you have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub?

We have the answer! Our Door Insert Kit gives the the user an easy, safe, and economical  bathing experience without the need to replace their existing bathtub. The Door Insert Kit provides seniors and the handicapped with the ability to bath and shower without the need to lift their legs over the high bathtub ledge. We have the lowest threshold on the market - we are able to take up to 16 inches from the height of the tub.
  • Manufactured from tough durable components
  • No need to renovate the entire bathroom
  • 15 Sizes to fit most bathtubs
  • Available for left or right hand drain
  • Available in white
  • No bulky attachments

Walk-in bathtubs typically cost three to seven thousand dollars and in most cases, renovations are needed, as they are not the same size or shape as a regular bathtub. With this Door Insert Kit, you can keep your same tub and make it completely safe for a huge costs savings and less hassle to you! To enjoy a full length bath, just shut and latch the door.